"I don’t think we’ve ever toured with a band with fans like this, with fans as dedicated and as fanatic about music. There’s a different level of passion." -Joe James, about touring with All Time Low 

Blitz Kids - European Tour 2014

Joey at the Blitz Kids concert today in Hamburg!

100 Happy Days Challenge

Day 56: My sister and I went to the Blitz Kids concert I our town, it was so fucking awesome! :)
Joey played some acoustic song before the show infront of the venue for us!

100 Happy Days Challenge

Day 55: Went to the outdoor swimming pool with my friendsto enjoy the sun :)

What the fuck did I just write?

A novel by me.
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You know I’m old in some ways-in others-well, I’m just a little girl. I like sunshine and pretty things and cheerfulness-and I dread responsibility.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise (via quotes-shape-us)


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100 Happy Days Challenge

Day 54: Enjoying the little things in life. One of my favorite books, great weather and some time with my friends! :)

How to finger a girl


1. Use your tongue